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Welcome to SeAMK Wellbeing Labs website!

Do you need wellbeing technology to support your services? Support for testing and deploying different technologies? New perspectives and energy from student cooperation? Help and cooperation in the development of wellbeing and health care services?

SeAMK Wellbeing Labs is the development and learning environment of the fields of health care and social work of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK). The environment consists of wellbeing technology, simulations and student work. SeAMK Wellbeing Labs offers a platform for companies, municipalities, joint municipal authorities, organisations and municipal residents (service users) to develop, test and pilot different user-driven technologies, operating methods and process models and to support their implementation. The development is based on co-creation, and the activities are open and agile.

The three main bodies of SeAMK Wellbeing Labs visualized in a circle.

Explore services offered by SeAMK Wellbeing Labs on our website. The services are meant for you, your company and your community.


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